Martha School

so much happening at Martha School (Martha Pullen Licensing) this one is being held at Innisbrook resort in Palm Harbor, Fl. Over 65 people attended in total between two different licensing. Kathy, Sis, Angela, Connie, Peggy, Missy, and more wonderful ladies here as teachers and helpers for all our wonderful students.

who knew you could crochet with a serger?

who knew you could crochet with a serger?

These special events use be only held in Huntsville, Al For the first time that I know of, they are on the road. After this events closes, they will be in California in November with two more. Whoop Whoop!

Martha was able to join us for a couple of days. She left yesterday so she can be home with Cicel, who is having serious health problems. Martha’s knee is really acting up so we were doubly grateful that she could be with us. Even though it was too short.

Always fun to be here. You ask what am I doing here? I get to share all about Sulky and what’s new. Along with education, tips and hints I bring a trunk show of unique samples. And I also get to demo speciality techniques like the Eternity Scarf and Serger Crochet. I am also here to take care of Sulky sales. The ladies get special pricing.


Learn Something New Everyday

Learn something new everyday has become my mantra. This week is definitely going in that direction. I’m in Golden CO with the wonderful F & W vedio shooting group, Carrie, Holly, Brad, Spence. And we’re shooting new vedios for Sulky of America’s next and new on-line course, Embroidery Zen I & II. Sue Hausmann and I are the “talent” and Patti Lee is our director. Herb Hausmann is Sue’s CEO. So exciting to be working with Patti and Sue on this new set of programs. The samples and project are knock -your-socks fun. I’ll be back. Sue just finished her shoot.  Me next.


I saw a neat cute picture the other day. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Always feels good with lots of giggles except when we’ve got the trots. The runs. IBS. You know what I mean.




Baby Brother

My baby brother is going to be 40 yrs old next week. Yes! The Big 4 0 ! Baynard George almost didn’t make it to 40. A couple months ago, he was riding his motorcycle early morning and out of … Continue reading


Just a few hours and 2014 will close and we will welcome 2015. I updated my list of things I want to accomplish in 2015. By update I mean, what did not get completed is now on the 2015 list.

I don’t feel guilty about that either. Years past I would really be beating myself up with depression, sadness and birthday cake. With a side of Tin Roof Ice cream, Cool Whip plus red skin peanuts.

By not making resolutions I find that I do much better mentally, emotionally and less need for Birthday Cake. I am going to do the best that I can. I will Continue to learn something new everyday, be the friend that I would appreciate having. I also want to be nicer to me. I know that must read funny and maybe even a bit selfish but I bet many of you have the same problem with making time for yourself without feeling guilty.

No more of that way of thinking. We’re going to do the best that we can. We have a fresh start everyday. We do!

Be safe this New Year’s Eve. We have 2015 to look forward to. A terrific fresh start. Yay!

Sunshine & Smiles,


How are you going to handle going into the New Year?

What happened?

As of 2014 Christmas, I am now working on my 4th year of IOU’s. Are you like me – I really have the best intentions to get started early with my Christmas list. I blink a couple of times and the year has flashed by and nothing is ready.

No no stressing about it. Won’t make it any better and the quilt will trigger emotional eating and the nasty cycle starts again.

I am going to keep this short and go get some embroidery done on blankets for the grandchildren. The older ones are kind of snooty about what they want. Money is the main thing. However, I will leave that to their parents. If I gave just $10.00 to each child, that would be almost $200.00. with no meaning to it. Years past I have made ornaments for each one and a gift for each family. I find great pleasure in that. Makes me happy with myself. I need to remember that.

I want to make more charity quilts this next year. Maybe gift them with the name of each grandchild and let that be part of the gift – picture of the quilt and why. Hmmmm. I think that will make me happy too.

What are you working on? Do you make all your gifts?

I am feeling more in the Spirit already.